Trend: Say Goodbye to Shampoo

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Title: Trend: Say Goodbye to Shampoo,
El Nuevo Dia lifestyle section: Magacin. Sunday March 8th, 2015. Special International Women’s Day Section entitled: Divas y Pioneras
Author: Samantha Diaz-Roberts
Translated by: Rosita Rodriguez-Presti

IMG_1878As our interests and concerns turn towards Mother Earth, as daughters of the moon we revisit every day more and more organic natural principles and the healthy-living trend. It is as if we had suddenly seen the light. No more chemicals!, cries out the new trend. And with reason. Not only have our diet and lifestyle changed, but cosmetics have also adopted the new standard that is arising: Mother Earth is now the starting point for beauty products. Nature rules, and we obey.

Hair is now not exempt from this new trend. Sentenced for years to straightening treatments, flat ironing, blow drying, chemical dyes and other harsh treatments, there are now many more options for hair care. And among these new alternatives, we see the growing use of cleansing conditioners or balms. Traditional shampoo has ceased to be the cleanser par excellence. Its foam and sulfates are part of the harmful ingredients shunned by consumers desiring healthy hair. Every day more women are inclined toward the election of sulfate-free hair care products. Behavior that Rosita Rodriguez –founder of Eva Co. Beauty- endorses in her Eva’s Secret product line; a line formulated with natural ingredients whose purity within the formula acts in synergy to penetrate the hair, instead of coating it. That makes the conditioning and reparative effect deeper, while the hair fiber is sealed to resist environmental humidity, a common ambient condition of the tropics.

“Eva’s Secret was conceived as a product line that cares for Latinas’ hair, whose hair may be difficult to manage either due to high humidity, excessive chemical treatments, or because of its natural thick or wavy texture. The products are formulated with extra virgin argan oil and coconut oil, apple seed extract and guarana, among others. A combination of ingredients that we have tested extensively, and that is proven to reduce frizz, to improve the condition of hair and to protect it long term”, Rodriguez said.

But, how does the cleansing balm actually work? “The balm is a “cleansing conditioner or co-wash” type product that cleans and conditions simultaneously. We call it a ‘balm’ because the definition of ‘balm” is ‘a cream or liquid that heals’.  Our cleansing balm uses natural oils to cleanse the scalp and hair, without causing damage like traditional shampoos do. It is applied like a regular shampoo, but it has two phases: the cleaning phase and a conditioning phase. During the first phase, the product is distributed completely throughout the head but it does not foam. During this phase, extra virgin coconut oil in the formula is cleansing and moisturizing the scalp and hair. You rinse hair out and reapply giving a gentle massage. You will notice that it starts producing a fine foam. This second stage is when oils and botanical extracts begin to penetrate the strands to deposit their benefits and nutrients. Rinse out again and you can leave a small amount as a leave-in, as it contains zero detergent ingredients that will dry out hair”, explains Rodriguez who created the line based on her personal experience. “I had access to many of the best hair products in the market and none gave me the results I wanted. I like to keep my beauty routine quick and simple. But with the products I was testing, I was forced to use a leave-in conditioner a styling cream and then a wax or anti-frizz spray to get the desired results. It became costly and time-consuming to do my hair.  My goal was to create a product that would simplify the daily process, that would produce visible results, and that respects consumers’ intelligence and wallets.

And Eva’s Secret was developed. But before that Rosita –a graduate of NYU with a degree in Marketing and International Business– took three years to formulate and create her product which was recently launched. “I worked many years formulating professional hair products for other companies with prestigious brands which I experimented with, but I still could not find a product that solved my problem and that simplified my routing. But three years were enough time for my team and I to arrive at the ideal formula. The goal was to create something free of harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and sodium. And after thoroughly investigating and experimenting, we achieved it.”

Rosita also points out that we commit many foolish mistakes when washing our hair. “We wash more often than is necessary, and use water that’s too hot. Every time we put our hair through hot water, expose it to harmful chemicals in shampoos and the damaging friction of the washing process, we are exerting stress on the strands and potentially weakening them. Add to that the heat from the blower, excessive use of the flat iron, chemical procedures to bleach or color it, the sun, the beach, the pool and there’s a recipe for total hair chaos!

So, why will consumers soon be using cleansing balms and not traditional shampoo? “We are now much better informed than before. And the current trend is the rejection of harsh detergents that create lather but also steal natural hair oils, parabens (preservative chemicals that interfere with the hormonal balance of the body) and sodium chloride (salt, which is used to thicken formulas, but that also dries out the hair and weakens its natural keratin bonds).

rinconfavorito33Given all that, Rosita still believes in the potential of the world of beauty, but stands firm with regard to the judicious use of the products we use on our hair. “If you use strong or frequent chemical treatments, it is essential to pamper your hair with the best possible products.”

Rodriguez defines Eva’s Secret in one sentence: “unconditional love for your hair”.  That said, the products are available on the company’s website:, where you can find all the details of the brand’s products and find out about upcoming new developments. “Our Reboot product is now available in the market; it’s a deep cleanser that helps eliminate excess dirt or product buildup, chlorine, mineral deposits and other toxins. Reboot has the added benefit of optimizing the performance of our Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm.  In a few months we are also launching a Leave-in / Styler duo that offers a higher level of conditioning while also providing ‘style memory’ to prolong your blowout or hair style.”

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