The Healthiest Oil on Earth

752_Enhanced Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO)500Often referred to as “the healthiest oil on earth”, virgin coconut oil has essential proteins, capric and lauric acids that add tone and suppleness to skin, but that also nourish and replenish damaged hair.  It is one of nature’s richest sources of medium chain fatty acids which allow it to be easily absorbed into the hair shaft, where it strengthens the fiber and also promotes a healthy scalp environment where lackluster hair strands begin to get  strengthened and nurtured.


For these reasons and more, extra virgin coconut oil was chosen as a key ingredient in Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm.  Extra virgin coconut oil is a rich source of beneficial saturated fatty acids that moisturize hair and scalp for relief of dryness and flakiness.  Its natural antibacterial properties help keep hair follicles clear of debris and toxins that weaken them, while keeping hair and scalp fresh and clean longer between washes.  So, when you cleanse your hair with Eva’s Secret, you’re using virgin coconut oil’s naturally refreshing and nurturing properties to cleanse your hair and scalp, without stripping them of the essential oils that keep them moisturized, shiny and protected from the elements.


Achieves Perfect Moisture Balance

Extra virgin coconut oil is considered nature’s healer because of its gentle ability to rebalance moisture levels in hair that has become weakened by regular UV exposure, frequent heat styling, chemical and mechanical stress.  Its inherent moisture balancing properties make virgin coconut oil an ideal choice for humid climates where hair often becomes frizzy, because virgin coconut oil is quickly absorbed into the hair shaft without causing it to become over-moisturized, greasy and limp.  In fact, Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm is ideally suited to humid climates because its gentle botanical cleansing formula maintains the hair cuticle smooth and sealed to keep frizz out.


Another benefit is its ability to help heal damaged hair by replenishing critical moisture to dry areas of the hair shaft, causing them to be renewed with natural body and shine, without being weighed down by excessive moisture.  Once moisture is replenished and the hair fiber is ‘satisfied’, the cuticle is sealed, helping to keep moisture inside the hair shaft, while preventing frizz from forming.  By strengthening the hair shaft with balanced moisture levels, Eva’s Secret helps reduce breakage and allows hair to grow to longer lengths.  Virgin coconut oil’s low molecular weight allows for deep penetration into the hair shaft –instead of simply coating the hair like silicones do– where it delivers long-term protection and reduction of protein (keratin) loss.  Best of all, because it is rapidly absorbed without weighing hair down nor making it greasy, coconut oil allows hair styles to last longer and to ‘hold on’ to natural volume and texture longer, while also:


  • Reducing frizz and flyaways
  • Promoting shine and silkiness
  • Improving hair’s manageability
  • Speeding up and prolonging blowouts
  • Detangling and preparing hair for round brush styling

Beat the Frizz

Coarse, curly and multi-textured hair benefits tremendously from Eva’s Secret virgin coconut oil enriched formula because of its moisture balancing ability, which prevents it from attracting excessive –and frizz-provoking– levels of moisture onto the hair.  Unlike other emollient oils, virgin coconut oil actually penetrates the cortex, an inner layer of the hair, instead of only coating the hair superficially.  It is precisely its deep-penetrating ability that gives coconut oil and Eva’s Secret its remarkable healing, beautifying and frizz-fighting properties!


Save Time, Space & Money

Because it’s formulated with extra virgin coconut oil – nature’s perfect cleanser, healer and moisture balancer – Eva’s Secret is a one-stop hair care powerhouse that cleanses, conditions, repairs, smoothes and fights frizz…all in one multi-benefit product that saves you valuable time, bathroom space and money.


Streamline your hair care routine, unclutter your cabinets and start getting used to a healthier, value-driven way of caring for your hair.  Eva’s Secret is formulated with the finest botanical oils to help maintain and prolong blowouts, color and keratin treatments, so that you can have beautiful healthy hair and spend less time and money getting it!


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