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dreamstime_m_29525157EvaCo beauty products give you the power of ultimate ownership over your appearance. We offer uncompromising products that are formulated for maximum performance and results, with minimal impact on the planet and on your wallet!.  With formulations centered around Extra Virgin Argan and Coconut Oil – hence our name, EvaCo-  we aim to produce performance-oriented beauty products for the discerning consumer.

We’re a minority, women-­run beauty company that proudly makes premium quality hair and beauty products in the USA. Our goal is to create honest products that make an instant emotional connection with you –the user– so that you’ll trust EvaCo as your go-­to source for effective beauty and well-­being products.

Our company philosophy is very much steeped in the 21st century, and parlays that into product designs that are mindful of the trends toward natural & botanical ingredients, global themes, transparency, and sustainability. By featuring extra virgin Argan oil as a key ingredient in our formulas, we also help fuel the thriving women-run Argan oil cooperatives in Morocco.

EvaCo is a strong believer in social stewardship and as such, a portion of our yearly product sales will be earmarked to help support and advance women’s causes. So, when you purchase an EvaCo product, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but you’re also helping other women and making the world a better, more beautiful place.

Ready for a new kind of beauty?

With thoughtfully-designed products that respect our consumers' wallets and brains, EvaCo is setting a new standard of beauty. Follow Us and experience a better, kinder beauty.

Ready for a new kind of beauty?
EvaCo: Home to natural, intelligent beauty

Our products are formulated with pure botanical ingredients that outperform mass-produced products, while delivering instantly visible results with long-term benefits. EvaCo: Beauty with a heart & brains. Join us!

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