Let Your Scalp do the Talking

Dry-ScalpTired of looking for the best conditioner for dry scalp?  Chances are that your choice of shampoo or conditioner up until now have been based solely on your hair type.  That is a common mistake, but one that should be avoided if you’re expecting optimal results from the hair products you use.  Technically, your scalp needs to be cleaned according to the unique conditions that affect it.  For instance, if your scalp is dry and prone to flaking, using a hydrating cleanser will help soothe the dryness and minimize the flakiness.


On the other hand, if your scalp is often oily, use a good-quality gentle cleanser that will clean it thoroughly –preferably using botanical oils with inherent cleansing properties – without stripping it of essential natural oils (sebum), which will otherwise cause an excessive amount of oil production and aggravate the oily scalp condition.  Volumizing, strengthening or balancing formulas are typically beneficial for oily conditions.  A basic rule of thumb is to treat your scalp as an extension of your face.  Use the same care and precautions that you would use on your facial skin.


Starting off Right

Proper management of dry itchy scalps begins the moment you clean your hair.  Use a product with harsh surfactants that strip natural oils and you’re setting your scalp up to be dry, itchy and flaky, oh my!  To ensure a balanced scalp environment, use a good quality sulfate-free cleanser that is free of the damaging detergents that traditional shampoos have.  Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm is not only Sulfate-Free, it is also Paraben and Sodium-Chloride free.  Furthermore, its hydrating non-lathering formula uses extra virgin coconut oil – a natural antibacterial cleanser – to leave scalp & hair fully cleansed, hydrated and refreshed without robbing them of beneficial natural oils.  Now you understand why Eva’s Secret is the best conditioner for dry scalp? 


Eva’s Secret users find that their scalp and hair stays cleaner longer after using the Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm, than after using traditional shampoo.  By not stripping the scalp’s natural sebum with harsh detergents, it isn’t prompted to produce excessive amounts of sebum to replenish the lost oils.  Therefore, your scalp and hair stay clean and fresh longer, with less wear and tear on your hair.



Clean High; Condition Low

Choose a cleanser for your specific scalp type, but the conditioner should be chosen for the needs of your mid-lengths to ends.  The best conditioner for dry scalp or hair will be a moisturizing or hydrating formula, while limp hair can use the boost of a volumizing conditioner.  Eva’s Secret is formulated for all hair types, and since it uses pure botanical oils to cleanse and condition, it leaves scalp in perfect balance each and every time.


Use the following guide to help you understand the purpose and performance of each shampoo type:


  • Hydrating / Moisturizing: adds moisture, shine & smoothness.  Ideal for thick and textured hair
  • Volumizing: Perfect for fine or limp hair
  • Strengthening / Fortifying: Recommended for damaged, chemically treated or weak hair.  Protein-rich formulations that improve the condition of hair
  • Balancing: Will not add too much moisture, but won’t dry out hair either
  • Smoothing / Straight Hair: Typically contain extra moisturizers and smoothers for cuticle-sealing and frizz-reduction
  • Curly: Often very moisturizing and frizz-reducing

Keep it Simple, Sister!

Avoid harsh cleaning agents and chemicals that can damage your hair and exacerbate unbalanced scalp conditions.  Read the ingredient listings before buying a product and choose formulations rich in botanical oils, plant or botanical extracts which will always be gentler and less damaging to hair and scalp.


Because it’s sulfate free and formulated with pure botanical oils that soothe dry scalp, Eva’s Secret is a one-stop hair care powerhouse that cleanses, conditions, repairs, revitalizes and fights frizz…all in one multi-benefit product that saves you valuable time, bathroom space and money, while being the best conditioner for dry scalp.


Streamline your hair care routine, unclutter your cabinets and start getting used to a healthier, value-driven way of caring for your hair.  Eva’s Secret is formulated with the finest botanical oils to help maintain and prolong blowouts, color and keratin treatments, so that you can have beautiful healthy hair and spend less time and money getting it!

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