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imagesFrizz-prone hair is challenging to keep smooth without over-coating it with heavy products that leave it looking flat, lifeless and oily.  Many frizz-defying hair products claiming to feature exotic smoothing ingredients are also loaded with heavy silicones that coat hair and leave it limp and greasy-looking.  Many contain only a tiny percentage of the exotic ‘smoothing oil’ within the formulation.  Read product labels carefully to ensure that what you’re using on your hair is top-notch, which will yield much better results each and every time. So, how do we find the best anti frizz conditioner?


Fight Frizz from the Start

First of all, frizz-fighting begins the moment you clean your hair.  Use a product with harsh surfactants that strip your hair’s natural oils and you’re setting your hair for the ‘perfect storm’ of frizz!  To ensure that your hair cuticle isn’t left completely raised after cleansing, use a good quality sulfate-free cleanser that is free of the damaging detergents that traditional shampoos have.  Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm is not only Sulfate-Free, it is also Paraben and Sodium-Chloride free.  Furthermore, its hydrating non-lathering formula uses extra virgin coconut oil – a natural antibacterial cleanser – to leave scalp & hair fully cleansed and refreshed without robbing them of beneficial natural oils and without leaving hair weighed down by silicones.  Extra virgin argan oil is another key ingredient in Eva’s Secret, which is instantly absorbed and sealed into the hair shaft to help resist frizz and humidity.  Now you understand why Eva’s Secret is the best anti frizz conditioner and cleanser?


Skip the Silicone

Although they provide a superficially glossy and smooth-looking surface, silicones strip natural moisture from hair, which can put hair at risk for damage, particularly during the summer months when heat and excessive exposure to salt water and chlorine are at peak levels.  By pulling moisture away from hair, silicones make hair even more prone to frizz and give it a coarse, rugged appearance.


Cream Rises to the Top

Gels and creams offer the ideal consistency to keep frizz under control, particularly on frizz-prone textures such as curls, waves and coarse hair types.  Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm is the best anti frizz conditioner and cleanser because its creamy non lathering consistency and botanical-infused formula is designed to resist frizz from ever forming.  Rather than coating and smoothing your hair after-the-fact, Eva’s Secret’s gentle botanical cleansing action prevents frizz from forming from the very moment you cleanse your hair.


Go Natural

Botanical oils are excellent for sealing the cuticle and resisting frizz.  They’re great conditioners that hydrate where needed and impart shine and smoothness.  Eva’s Secret is formulated with extra virgin argan oil, extra virgin coconut oil and pure apple seed oil; a trio of ultra nourishing, protective and smoothing oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft to shield hair from UV and thermal damage.  It maintains color and keratin treatments and speeds up and prolongs blowouts, making it the best anti frizz conditioner and cleanser!


Opt for botanical ingredients that attract moisture into and improve your hair’s condition.  Coconut oil imparts cuticle-sealing smoothness that keeps frizz at bay while apple seed oil has natural sun-filtering properties that prevent hair from getting ‘fried’, which leads to a frizzy, coarse appearance. Avoid humectant ingredients because they interfere with hair’s moisture balance by either depleting all moisture out of your hair, or conversely by attracting humidity from the air and making your hair sponge up and become frizzy.


  • Silicone-Free is best
  • Let nature’s ingredients do their work
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen
  • Avoid humectants


Save Time, Space & Money

Because it’s sulfate free and formulated with pure botanical oils – nature’s perfect hair restoratives – Eva’s Secret is a one-stop hair care powerhouse that cleanses, conditions, repairs, revitalizes and fights frizz…all in one multi-benefit product that saves you valuable time, bathroom space and money.


Streamline your hair care routine, unclutter your cabinets and start getting used to a healthier, value-driven way of caring for your hair.  Eva’s Secret is formulated with the finest botanical oils to help maintain and prolong blowouts, color and keratin treatments, so that you can have beautiful healthy hair and spend less time and money getting it!


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