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57 S 4th Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550
(914) 699-0059

Eva’s Secret is pleased to announce its partnership with Gina’s Beauty Supply in the bustling town of Mount Vernon, NY.  Located on 4th Avenue, in the heart of downtown Mt. Vernon, Gina’s Beauty Supply and its proprietor, Mr. Tim Lim, cater to the discerning Westchester County consumer looking for the finest  quality hair products to care for delicate, multi-textured or hard to manage hair.

Gina’s is renown for its extensive assortment of human hair wigs and extensions which require the specialized and gentle care that only Eva’s Secret’s botanical oil-enriched and sulfate-free formulas can provide.  Help protect and extend the life of your human hair and synthetic wigs and extensions by caring for them only with Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm, featuring extra virgin Argan and coconut oils as well as pure apple seed oil.  Its lightweight formula helps restore protective moisture and elasticity while sealing in nutrients that leave it revitalized, glossy and humidity-resistant.  Visit or call Gina’s and ask especially for Eva’s Secret!


Ready for a new kind of beauty?

With thoughtfully-designed products that respect our consumers' wallets and brains, EvaCo is setting a new standard of beauty. Follow Us and experience a better, kinder beauty.

Ready for a new kind of beauty?
EvaCo: Home to natural, intelligent beauty

Our products are formulated with pure botanical ingredients that outperform mass-produced products, while delivering instantly visible results with long-term benefits. EvaCo: Beauty with a heart & brains. Join us!

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