Q:  Why are cleansing conditioners so ‘hot’ right now?

A:  Consumers have much more access to information about products nowadays.  That has increased their awareness about product ingredients and potential hazards associated with them.  Armed with that information, consumers are realizing that some ingredients in traditional shampoo formulas are highly damaging to their hair, and are now opting for cleansing conditioners which are formulated with less detergent-like ingredients and more conditioning ingredients.  This is not a new phenomenon, however.  Cleansing conditioners – also known as Co-Washes – have been popular choices among consumers with very dry, thicker or coily hair textures which require more hydration and replenishment of beneficial oils back into the hair fiber.  Thanks to some wildly successful new product introductions, today’s consumer is more informed about cleansing conditioners and their benefits vs. shampoo, which has helped drive further growth of the category.

Q:  What is the difference between a shampoo and a cleansing conditioner / cleansing balm?

A:  Shampoos are formulated with harsh detergents called surfactants.  These surfactants contain sulfates responsible for boosting their cleaning power and for forming the bubbly foam that we all associate with ‘cleaning’.  What some consumers may not know, however, is that the same sulfates used in laundry detergents and house cleaning products – Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – are also present in shampoos.  So, what are these harsh detergents doing to your hair?  They’re essentially helping to open up your hair’s cuticle – the outermost layer– and stripping all of the essential lipids (oils) that keep your hair moisturized, smooth and shiny.  Without these essential lipids, your hair is left parched, dry, spongy or frizzy, and prone to breakage and damage from chemical treatments and heat styling.

Q:  How do I know which cleansing conditioner to use? 

A:  Not all cleansing conditioners are created equal. Just being Sulfate-Free does not ensure that a product will be beneficial to your hair.  Many cleansing conditioners load up their formulas with heavy silicones and waxes that coat the hair cuticle and create a smoothing and conditioning sensation, but that also leave residues that quickly build up and leave hair feeling greasy and limp after a few washes.  Where is the benefit in that?!?!  A good-quality cleansing conditioner, however, will wash your hair gently without coating it with heavy silicones nor waxes.  In addition to being Sulfate and Paraben free, Eva’s Secret features a botanical oil complex of  extra virgin Argan oil, pure coconut oil and apple seed oil to gently lift dirt, pollutants and toxins away from scalp and hair, while conditioning and hydrating hair fibers without stripping them of beneficial natural lipids.  Your hair will feel soft, silky and smooth after each and every wash, without waxy buildup that robs it of bounce and body. 

Q:  Why should I choose Eva’s Secret over other cleansing conditioners?

A:  At EvaCo Beauty, we are proponents of consumer education, and believe that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer.  Just as you would read the label of a food product you are considering ingesting, beauty product labels contain a wealth of information about what is in the products that you will be using on your body.   We adhere to a ‘less is more’ philosophy, whereby a formula with very concentrated levels of premium-quality botanical ingredients goes a long way, and delivers much better results than a formula with dozens of lower-quality synthetic ingredients.  Our botanical ingredients appear in concentrated form and therefore contribute toward much better performance –and more instantly visible hair benefits– than less expensive cleansing conditioners.  With cleansing conditioners, you truly get what you pay for.

Q:  How does Eva’s Secret compare to other cleansing conditioners?

A:  Eva’s Secret is the culmination of years of research, product development and testing that has resulted in a product that we are truly proud of, and which is vastly different from other cleansing conditioners in the market.  We have formulated the product to be easier to use thanks to a squeeze bottle application…(no one should get a cramp from trying to pump out hair cleanser from a bottle!)…more foaming (while still foregoing the damaging sulfates) and better-smelling than any other cleansing conditioner available.  What you will get with Eva’s Secret is ‘the whole package’:  A premium quality product, a beautiful package that you will proudly display, gentle cleansing that will benefit your hair from the very first application without weighing it down, and a luxurious fragrance that makes you feel as though you were in a tropical eden!

Q:  How do you use Eva’s Secret?

A:  Before applying to hair, wet hair thoroughly and gently foam the product in your hands.  Only after the product has begun to gently foam in your hands, should you apply it to your hair.  This helps ‘activate’ the botanical extracts in the balm and helps to distribute them easier throughout the hair for optimal performance and visible benefits.

Q:  What can I do to help distribute Eva’s Secret through my hair without overusing it?

A:  Technically, you can’t overuse Eva’s Secret because you can’t have too much of a good thing!  🙂  However, for economy’s sake, you can add small splashes of water to the foamed cleanser when you begin to lather it in your hair.  You’ll find that a little added water will help the cleanser distribute better.

Q:  My hair is very dry and damaged.  Won’t I also need to use a conditioner after washing with Eva’s Secret?

A:  Unlike off-the-shelf conditioning shampoos found at your local market or drugstore, Eva’s Secret is formulated with much higher concentrations of botanical oils, extracts and conditioning ingredients designed to penetrate the hair shaft at deeper levels for a therapeutic conditioning effect.  That – coupled with the absence of harsh detergents that rob your hair of its beneficial natural oils – is why just washing with Eva’s Secret is enough to clean and restore your hair to a healthier state.  However, if you find it difficult to drop the ‘conditioner habit’, you can apply a small amount of Eva’s Secret as a leave-in conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends.

Q:  Why is Eva’s Secret called a ‘cleansing balm’ instead of a shampoo?

A:  Unlike traditional shampoos, Eva’s Secret doesn’t contain sulfates, the foaming agents that are also very drying to hair.  That is why Eva’s Secret is not a shampoo, but rather a gentle and soothing balm that heals and restores your hair back to health.

Q:  How is my hair getting cleaned, if the product isn’t lathering up like shampoos do?

A:  Eva’s Secret is a low-foaming cleansing balm that will not create a rich lather due to its sulfate-free formula.  Sulfates are detergent-like ingredients that create the bubbly lather we are accustomed to washing our hair with, but which are also very harsh and strip hair’s natural sebum (beneficial oils).  Coconut oil has natural anti-bacterial properties that help remove dirt and toxins from the scalp and refresh hair without drying it out.  Although it may sound counterintuitive, the chemical principle of ‘like dissolves like’ is evident in Eva’s Secret.  The formula’s extra virgin Argan oil, extra virgin coconut oil and apple seed oil work synergistically to help dissolve oils from scalp and hair, leaving them refreshed and with a smooth, frizz-resistant finish.


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