Argan Oil for Hair: Liquid Gold

A Tree Grows in Morocco

argan-oil-for-hairArgan trees grow wild near the Moroccan desert, where Berber women indigenous to Morocco’s southwestern region collect the seed-like pits and then grind them and press them to extract the ‘liquid gold’ oil that they produce.  It is nicknamed liquid gold because of the minute amount of oil that is derived from each nut, and the costly, time-consuming process that is required in order to obtain a small amount of the precious liquid.  It is precisely this ‘liquid gold’ that is a key ingredient in Eva’s Secret Frizz-Defying Cleansing Balm.  Although very expensive, the benefits of extra virgin argan oil and the transformative effects that it has on hair are well worth the price!


Purity Counts

Extra virgin argan oil – the purest grade available, and the quality that is used in Eva’s Secretinstantly transforms dry, dull and frizzy hair.  Immediately after the first use, hair acquires a luster it lacked before.  Strands become fully nourished, hydrated and damage-resistant.  Its very low molecular weight allows it to penetrate the hair cortex –one of the interior layers of the hair shaft – where it repairs, moisturizes and restores lost moisture, locking it in.  Best of all, it is virtually weightless, non-greasy and fast-absorbing so it will not make hair limp nor build up quickly.


Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil has gained tremendous popularity in hair care applications because of its dramatic revitalization properties that instantly deliver brilliant shine, silkiness and a hydrated appearance to hair.  However, beware of hair care products touting argan oil that instead are loaded with silicones that dry out your hair and exacerbate frizz.  Only pure or extra virgin argan oil will transform, nourish and protect your hair from damage and environmental exposure.


In addition to those immediate effects, argan oil for hair is also soothing for dry, itchy scalps and corrects split ends by hydrating them and helping ends appear less dry and damaged.  Extra virgin argan oil such as that found in Eva’s Secret is an excellent conditioner with a light, non-greasy feel.  It instantly restores shine lost to thermal styling, increases hair color vibrancy and has natural UV-shielding properties in addition to being:


  • A restorative anti-aging serum
  • Rich in vitamins A & E and Omega-6 & 9 EFAs for potent antioxidant activity
  • Revitalizes stressed hair and skin
  • Renews dry, brittle hair
  • Adds instant shine to dull, dehydrated hair
  • Seals the hair cuticle to protect it from environmental exposure

A Multi-Use Oil

Although it is the oil from the unroasted seeds that is used for cosmetic applications, the oil derived from the roasted seeds is a staple in Moroccan food.  Argan oil is to Morocco what Olive Oil is to Spain or Italy.  It has a delicate nutty flavor and is revered in Morocco for its healing properties.



Changing Lives, One Seed at a Time

Argan oil has become a favorite ingredient additive in global beauty products because in addition to its valued beauty benefits, for hundreds of years argan oil has been hand-produced by Moroccan women-run cooperatives that provide employment and vastly-improved life conditions to women in that country.  In fact, the rare argan forest which grows in a triangular patch between three cities, has been granted a UNESCO designation as a Biosphere Reserve.


Save Time, Space & Money

Because it’s formulated with extra virgin argan oil – nature’s perfect hair restorative – Eva’s Secret is a one-stop hair care powerhouse that cleanses, conditions, repairs, revitalizes and fights frizz…all in one multi-benefit product that saves you valuable time, bathroom space and money.


Streamline your hair care routine, unclutter your cabinets and start getting used to a healthier, value-driven way of caring for your hair.  Eva’s Secret is formulated with the finest botanical oils to help maintain and prolong blowouts, color and keratin treatments, so that you can have beautiful healthy hair and spend less time and money getting it!


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