APPLE SEED OIL: Small Seed…Big Benefits!

Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

apple-seed-oil-775342Apple seed oil is a softening, protective, moisturizing and shine-enhancing oil that also infuses nutrition deep into the hair shaft.  It is rich in essential fatty acids that promote renewal, calm inflammation and improve overall condition of the hair and skin.  Essential fatty acids are acids that are critical to normal biological functions of our body, but which are not naturally produced by the body, therefore they must be delivered through an external mechanism (either ingestion, or application in the case of hair products).


Activates Collagen Synthesis

Other compounds that help activate collagen synthesis are present in this nutritious oil.  Collagen is a protein that provides strength, but with age, collagen production slows down and leads to cell weakness evident as a loss of tone in skin, and a dull lifeless appearance in hair.  Apple seed oil helps activate collagen production which contributes towards stronger, vibrant and younger-looking hair with improved elasticity & fullness, more bounce and body.


Protective Antioxidants

Although seemingly unimportant and quickly-discarded parts of the apple, apple seeds are richly endowed with phenolic compounds that scavenge free radicals in skin tissue, to delay the aging process.  Their oil has natural UV filtering properties that help heal skin damage caused by sun exposure.  On skin, it is emollient and moisturizing, while it helps soften and enhance shine on dry, damaged hair.  Apple seed oil contributes toward:


  • Activating collagen production
  • Improving strength & elasticity on both skin and hair
  • Renewing skin & hair by delivering rich nutrients
  • Promoting vibrant shine and strength to hair

An Apple A Day…

With its rich nutritional profile, long-term anti-aging benefits, and protective properties, apple seed oil truly helps keep us healthy and beautiful.